Dead Cells Cheat Engine Cheat Tables & Hacks

Dead Cells is a side-scrolling, Castlevania inspired action platformer developed by Motion Twin. After spending more than a year in Steam’s Early Access, finally launched in August 2018 on Windows, MacOS, Linux and current-gen consoles. Due to the Dark-Souls-like game mechanic where you lose all your in-game currency upon death, coupled with challenging enemies and bosses, this game might be menacing to the casual gamer. This is where the Dead Cells Cheat Engine Tables discussed in this guide comes in.

Dead Cells features no competitive multiplayer mode. However, we recommend that you use the listed Cheat Engine Tables for Dead Cell at your discretion as the use of Cheat Tables is generally frowned upon by game purists, developers and the community in general. For guides on how to use Cheat Tables in Dead Cells and other titles, check out our introductory article on Cheat Engine.

Dead Cells Cheat Tables

ColonelRVH’s Table

The first Cheat Table for Dead Cells comes from an expert cheater and modder with the handle; ColonelRVH. Some of the features that his table unlocks in-game include:

  • Gain some gold
  • Get some Cells
  • God Mode
  • Instant Kill
  • No Cooldown for Skills
  • Ammo is always at Max
  • Unlimited jumps
  • Instant Curse Removal
  • Stop time or Toggle Scroll lock.

Grab a copy of the table here.

However, the author has tested this table on Dead Cells v1.0 and Cheat Engine Table v4.1 Final, and may not work on other versions. If you run into any issues with this one, you can check out some of the other tables below.

dead cells cheat tables

Kalas’ Table

This reliable Dead Cells Cheat Table has been developed by a modder by the name Kalas and unlocks the following features in-game:

  • Infinite health
  • Infinite Throwing Ammunition
  • Instant Skill Cooldown
  • Cells Editor
  • Gain Gold Multiplier

You can download this Cheat Engine Table for Dead Cells here

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Cielos’ Table

An expert cheater and modder, Cielos, made a Dead Cells Cheat Table with the following unlocks in-game:

  • Undead: Your health drops but no death. Also, you’re no longer one-hit-killed in Curse Mode
  • Curse chest doesn’t curse you when opened
  • Damage multiplier
  • Heal Key: Press T to heal yourself
  • You can use the health flask to heal yourself even if it reads zero
  • Ignore skill cooldown
  • Infinite throwables ammo
  • Infinite double jump
  • Ignore gold (for opening gold doors, upgrades, restocks, etc.)
  • Ignore Cells (for opening stuff at the Collector, Legendary forge)
  • Unlock timed door even if you’re late
  • Change sprint speed

You can download this comprehensive Cheat Table for Dead Cells here

Hopefully, this guide on Cheat Engine Tables for Dead Cells will help you on your adventure. For more information on Cheat Engine and game tips, tricks and hacks, check out our other comprehensive guides.