Dead By Daylight Hatch Locations

Everything about Dead by Daylight pushes you to the limit, forcing you to survive the night and escape before the killer gets to you. Since escaping the forest is your only hope, you will need all the help you can get in identifying the procedurally generated Dead by Daylight hatches (trapdoors) or activating the generators that operate the huge metal door locking you in.

You will need all generators repaired and running before opening the great metal doors. This is quite the tall order. Hatches, on the other hand, will spawn once you are the sole survivor of the game. All you have to do is outwit the killer, survive and be at the right time when you are the last person standing.dead by daylight hatch locations

The Dead by Daylight World is Procedural

You will have to note that all hatch locations Dead by Daylight hints are just calculated guesses from the repeated study of the game. Since the game uses code to procedurally generate the world, it is fair to say that the Dead by Daylight escape hatch locations are to some extent random.

Here are some of the common hatch spawn locations. Looking at these points will better your chances of getting a way out.

Autohaven Wreckers Hatch Location

Hatch #1: Wretched Shop

There’s a hatch at the back of the Wretched Shop. You will find it nestled between some barrels and the tree.

Hatch #2: Blood Lodge

The hatch is at the bottom of the lodge just in front of the stairs leading in.

Hatch #3: Wreckers Yard

The Wreckers Yard makes it a bit of a challenge by offering 6 highly randomized hatches. Finding the hatch spawn location depends on how lucky you can get.

Hatch #3: Azarov’s Resting Place

This location has over six hatch locations that spawn randomly. Happy hunting

Coldwind Farm Hatch Locations

Hatch #1: Thompson House

Go to the back of the house and look for the hatch on the lower porch at a corner

Hatch #2: Torment Creek

Look for the fallen silo and peep through open window to see some pallets. This is one of the best locations to use when making the very last escape.

Hatch #3: Rancid Abattoir

The abattoir has randomized hatches. Most are found in the room with meat hooks and pigs by the exit fence. You can also find a hatch in the room where pigs hang.

Hatch #4: Rotten Fields

The hatch in this area is randomized. The most frequent location will be near the exit in the field. Don’t count on this hatch if you are low on health.dead by daylight how to escape

MacMillan Estate Hatch Location

Hatch #1: Suffocation Pit

Go to the back of the house near the ramp just where you can see the hill that is near the farm. The hatch should be here.

Hatch #2: Coal Tower

This is one of the easiest hatches to find. It is next to the Coal tower, the prominent 2 story building.

Hatch #3: Sheltered Woods

You will get three random trapdoors in this region. They will mostly spawn at the outer edges of the map when in this location.

Hatch #4: Ironworks Misery

This is a sure hatch. You can find it on the first floor of the Ironworks factory between two pipes

Some of the Dead by Daylight hatch locations are easy to pinpoint since the hatches tend to spawn at a specific region every time. It would be wise to hide out the game at such positions to increase your chances of getting to the hatch and escaping. Beware that the pressure will be at the moment you are the sole survivor and you will have less time to escape with your life.