Dark Souls 3: How to Get to Cathedral of the Deep

Dark Souls 3: How to Get to Cathedral of the Deep

Getting to the Cathedral of the Deep can be a tiresome and difficult endeavor without the perfect walkthrough guide. With the many tombs, graves, zombies, flame throwing maniacs, and dead bodies, you will panic before you even start. This Dark Souls 3 how to get to the cathedral of the deep guide that will help you find that Cathedral Interior you seek.

Road to the Cathedral

  • Head to where the Crystal Sage first appeared in the Road of Sacrifices.
  • Take the left-most path leading you to two Butchers and the evangelist at the end of the fire.
  • Follow that same path until you reach the foot of a giant stairway.

Be cautious before taking this stairway as there is a path to left leading below the Bonfire where there is a dagger-wielding knight who will attack you with knives. Attack with caution but do not worry about your closeness to the Bonfire.cathedral of the deep bornfire

Defeat the enemy to have access to the Paladin’s ashes at the bottom of the Bonfire and at the left of the stairway is a path leading to a spectacle overlooking the swamp.

  • Once you get to the main gate, you will notice an axe-wielding guard with a spider shield. He will also attack you with knives, just like the first knight at the former chamber. Keep dodging until you are close enough to grab the Spider Shield of him and ran to the gate’s stairway.
  • The stairway gets you to a sniper patrolled dog infested area. The three snipers are protected by hounds all over. To pass through, block the dogs’ pounce using the shield and use the trees for cover before attacking the patrols. Beware of more dogs coming randomly from all angles. Where the first sniper was patrolling, grab a Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler.
  • After you have passed on to the next gate, you will locate an amateur fire-wielding Hollow who gets to you then explodes himself, killing you in the process. You must turn the other way and outrun him to stay alive.

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Exterior of the Cathedral of the Deep

At the Cathedral’s main entrance, there is a Bonfire with a Notched Whip at the first door. Beyond this first door, there are two doors that are locked. When you head outside, you will meet an obelisk praying Hollow group deterring you from getting to Estus Shard. To extinguish them, take them out with sweeping attacks. Orientating leftward, there is a cemetery and as you guessed it- it is full of zombies!

You can find the Cathedral of the Deep Walkthrough video at the very bottom. Keep scrolling

These are by far the most tragic as they continually rise from their graves and breathe maggots that cause bleeding on the skin. To finish them up, aim for a large reaching weapon, clearing one by another might take forever.

Once you have dealt with the first wave of the flesh eating Hollows, turn left and follow the path until you reach a zombie praying at a tomb where you locate Astora Greatsword. Continuing along that path leads you to the main cemetery and further to a far end with a higher density of zombies.

Kill all these zombies to gain access to the Fading Soul and Executioner’s Greatsword. Since the game is designed to raise in difficulty the more you advance, more zombies emerge, but this time, they have grown extra appendages made up of maggots!

Defeat the Grave Warden with swinging blades to access the grave below which has a Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler and there you can take cover from the patrols. Towards the right, you can also finds another Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler- grab it and retreat.

In addition to this, grab the two Young White Branches, the Bone Shard, and the Repair Powder. You now can access another mausoleum at the end of the stairway.cathedral of the deep mission

Inside the mausoleum, take the Curse Ward Greatshield and head downstairs. You now need to kick the ladder to extend it down to the gorge over the bridge. Down the bridge is a shortcut back to the main cathedral entrance with a body holding a Titanite Shard- simply drop down.

If you would like to return to this area, simply go from the outside of the obelisk area from outside. Inside is a lot of loot you can take advantage of. However, you have a shielded Hallow to tackle. As you get nearer, a sniper from a nearby window comes forth and after you defeat him, the Hallow gets to you. Before long, another Hallow hanging over the left drops down.

Things get hotter as you near the end of the quagmire at the exterior. There is an enemy infested rooftop towards the left that you must navigate. There is a Hollow patrol and you must spy Thralls on the wall above you. The item on the right is equally guarded by Hollows that hide on the railings. You can snipe these as you pass by the bridge if you have the right weapons.

How to Get Patches to Spawn in Cathedral of the Deep

After you are done with the roof, you will come to short stairs guarded by two Thralls who drop from above. Past the stairs is a preaching evangelist with Hollows as the congregation- beware of all of them. You must defeat a helberg sporting Hollow from the Archer area- being aware of the alcove on the left. Here, two other Thralls will fall from above in addition to the one waiting on the ground.

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Beyond the far stairs to the rooftop, head past the door with Hallows around an Ember, watching out for Thralls and Alcoves. If you come too near, you run the risk of being ambushed by a combination of a greataxe wielder and the worshippers who will burn you alive unless you defeat them. If you get past these, you can now walk right into the Cathedral.

Dark Souls 3: Cathedral of the Deep Walkthrough