Dark Souls 1 Cheat Engine Table and Cheats

Dark Souls 1 is widely regarded by many as the best Soulsborne game in the franchise. So much so that, the developers, FromSoftware gave it the ‘remastered treatment’ and re-released it for current-gen platforms. As an action role-playing game with multiple side-quests and optional bosses, most players will replay the game to explore and do everything the intricately designed world of Dark Souls 1 offers.

But a major feature of Dark Souls 1, like any other game in the Soulsborne series, is its unforgiving combat. While most fans of the series praise and love the adrenaline-rush after defeating a particularly tough boss, facing an increasingly harder boss every play-through – thanks to the game’s mechanics to amp up the difficulty every play-through- can be a time-consuming and tedious affair. This is where Dark Souls 1 Cheat Engine tables, codes and trainers come in.

Dark Souls features a widely popular Player Vs Player (PvP) mode where you test your combat prowess against other online players. Using the Cheat Engine hacks listed in this guide here in online PvP is bad sportsmanship and frustrating to other players. It may also attract bans and penalties from the game developers due to aggressive anti-cheat algorithms employed in online play. Therefore, limit the Dark Souls 1 cheat engine tables,  hacks, and trainers to offline play.

If this is your first time, you can use our introductory guide on how to use Cheat Engine on Dark Souls 1, as well as tips and tricks on how to install and avoid bans.

dark souls 1 cheats

Dark Souls 1 Cheat Tables

The most popular Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls Remastered cheat table comes from Phokz, an expert modder, and cheater. You can grab the latest compilation of his cheat tables from this zip file.

To apply this cheat table, you need to point to the process on the Cheat Engine ‘DATA.exe’ and not the game’s executable ‘DARKSOULS.exe’.

Some of the hacks activated by this table include:

  • Undead: Your character’s HP still drops but  won’t die
  • Undead (god mode) + One Hit Kill
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Infinite Humanity – Your character can reverse hollowing and kindle bonfires without expending humanities.
  • Infinite item usage
  • Infinite Spells – Works on 12 spell-attunement slots
  • Infinite durability of weapons
  • Infinite Souls – You can level up, shop and reinforce weapons without using souls.
  • Assign element / Upgrade equipment

Note that, since the game’s auto-save policy is very aggressive, it is almost impossible to undo anything and hence you should back-up your save-game frequently.

Online cheaters are regularly banned due to the competitive nature of Dark Souls PvP mode, hence have a clean save of the game if you wish to engage in online PvP or in some jolly co-operation.