How to Customize Your Cars in Mafia 3

The Mafia series relies heavily on cars. You shoot from them, drive like a mad man to convince people you are serious, knock down enemies or crash into property to accomplish missions. They are as important as your guns and knife. Customizing your Mafia 3 cars to get that extra punch is more important that just jacking any other car on the street.

mafia 3 car customizations

The performance and combat customizations possible on your Mafia 3 cars will include:

  • Improving vehicle armor for more durability during in car combat
  • Bulletproof tires
  • Body kit upgrade¬†increases car speeds
  • Suspension upgrades for better turning and handling
  • Supercharger for faster accelerations
  • Drivetrain upgrade to increase top speed and acceleration

Most of the car upgrades come from Cassandra. The more you invest in her the more upgrades you get. You will get a couple of upgrades by investing on Burke too.