How to Hack Cuphead with Cheat Engine

How to Hack Cuphead with Cheat Engine

Cuphead is the kind of run and gun video game you wouldn’t mind playing for hours on end. Since StudioMDHR, the indie studio behind the title, chose a family friend and rather comic approach that is heavily inspired by the animation cartoons we saw back in 1930s you will rarely find yourself wanting to pause unless you run out of coins or health.

This is where Cuphead Cheat Engine tables that give you infinite coins and health come in.

With the game pitting you against an increasingly skilled thread of bosses, you will need all the help you can get to defeat the enemy and repay your debt to the devil.cuphead cheat engine

Getting Started With Cuphead Cheat Engine Hacks

While most people will be interested in Cuphead cheat tables, there’s much you can gain by learning to use the Cheat Engine and hack the game for yourself. Since Cheat Engine is a memory location/register editor, you can manipulate anything in the game, from your health stat to your coins as long as you know the value to edit.

You can check this introductory guide on how to use Cheat Engine. It will teach you how to implement your own cheats and pull hacks that might not be available in the tables I am going to give you below.

Cuphead Cheat Engine Cheat Tables

The good thing with cheat tables is they let you load prefabricated cheats and hacks at the click of a button. All you need is to have installed Cheat Engine, know how to load cheat tables and activate scripts when necessary.

Again, you can find all this information in our comprehensive Cheat Engine introductory guide.

Cuphead Cheat Table by WarCOzes  (Steam Game Version 1.0 )

This cheat table works with CE version 6.7. Some of the features to expect include:

  • Grade A+ pr P script
  • Money pointer
  • Infinite health
  • Super Invincible
  • Super god mode

You can grab a copy of this .CT here

Cheat Engine Table for V1.0 ColonelRVH

The features on this table include:

  • Unlimited money (activated by visiting the shop)
  • Super meter stays always on Max after hit (Hit enemy once to activate)
  • God mode (get hit once to activate)

You can get this cheat table here

Remember that Cheat Tables are designed to work with a specific game version. They might not work if you deploy them in the wrong game. In addition to this, using Cheat Table might sometimes crash your game. Always ensure that you have a clean save backed up somewhere before bringing out Cheat Engine.

Stay safe. Never install and run Cheat Engine if you have other online multiplayer games or campaigns active and your device is connected to the web. You could easily have your different game accounts flagged and penalized for cheating. Some notable games that frown on cheats include PUBG, Battlefield 1, Overwatch and other strongly online multiplayer titles.