Crusader Kings 2 Cheat Engine & Console Commands

With over a million copies sold, Crusader Kings II is arguably one of the most successful titles from Paradox. Even though the game has a Linux and an OS X version, Crusader Kings 2 Cheat Engine hacks are more interested in the Microsoft Windows build since this is where the majority of the Cheat Engine tables thrive.

Since Crusader Kings 2 is a single player game, you don’t really have to worry about bans or anything when implementing any kind of cheats and hacks.

The first step would be grabbing your copy of Cheat Engine and familiarizing yourself with how the open cheat engine works. You will find our introductory guide to the engine quite useful.

Once you have the Cheat Engine up and running, launch your game and use the ALT+TAB command to bring up Cheat Engine. Go ahead and select the game’s .exe and load a specific cheat table to activate the cheat table effects.

crusader kings 2 console commands

Crusader Kings 2 Cheat Engine Features

Note that all the features in this cheat engine are inactive by default. To activate them, you will have to activate the accompanying scripts. Since the scripts use CE command assert, you will have issues if you run the table on the wrong game version or when you use the wrong CE. (its compatible with cheat engine 6.7 and above)

  • Minimum Gold [1]
  • Upgrade in 1 Day [2]
  • Construction in 1 Day [2]
  • Movement in 1 Day [2]
  • God Mode [3]
  • Morale [3]
  • Damage (x16) [3]
  • Siege [4]
  • Super Ruler [1](*)
  • Diplomacy (base) >= 70
  • Martial (base) >= 70
  • Stewardship (base) >= 70
  • Intrigue (base) >= 70
  • Learning (base) >= 70
  • Fertility = 1
  • Health = 9.9
  • Prestige >= 100
  • Piety    >= 100
  • Revolt Risk [5]
  • Technology Level (user defined => max = 8) [7] (**)
  • Decadence [8]
  • Upgrade in 1 Day for Player’s Vassals
  • Construction in 1 Day for Player’s Vassals
  • Change Culture of a County [9]
  • Change Religion of a County [A]
  • Ajust Pointer to Perk[X] [B]
  • Minimum Army Troop Size (86) (new v8.0)
  • Minimum Holding Troop Size (166) (new v8.0)

Other Pointers in the Cheat Table

  • [1] Activated when in main screen (Minimum value = 66000);
  • [2] Activated between turns;
  • [3] Activated during Normal Battle or Assault
  • [4] Activated as soon as you select a province during a siege (by you)
  • [5] Activated when looking at a province’s capital
  • [7] Activated on the Technology Screen; (demesne: only the current province is affected/ Realm: all player’s provinces are affected)
  • [8] Decadence will not increase;
  • [9] Activated when selecting a County of the human player;
  • [A] Activated when selecting a County of the human player;
  • [B] Activated when selecting a Character and also for human player;
  • (*) Once activated there is no more coming back. Turn it ON, check the ruler. And then turn it OFF to avoid problem when the ruler changes age.;
  • (**) Change the value to 1, then 2, and so on (in this way you will see what tech is available for each level)

Using the Cheat Table to Change Character Age

  • One year = 365 days * 24 hours => 8760 hours
  • Suppose Current is 15-Sep-1066 => 53144328
  • For 50 years = 50 * 8760 =>   438000 hours
  • Born date = Cur. date – 438080 => 52706328

Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands

If you don’t want to bring out cheat engine and meddle with the scripts, you can still make your crusading more fun by using the Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands. To activate the console, press the tilde (~) on your keyboard.

Code Effect
cash 5000 gold
piety 5000 piety
prestige 5000 prestige
age <char-id> +/-(#) Add or subtract a character’s age
add_learning <char-id> +/-(#) Add or subtract a character’s learning
add_martial <char-id> +/-(#) Add or subtract a character’s martial
add_stewardship <char-id> +/-(#) Add or subtract a character’s stewardship
add_intrigue <char-id> +/-(#) Add or subtract a character’s stewardship
add_diplomacy <char-id> +/-(#) Add or subtract a charcter’s diplomacy
add_trait [trait name] [ID] Adds trait to character
neg_diplo allows sending diplomacy that will be rejected
observe Causes you to become an observer, putting you under AI control.
culture <enter culture here> Change your characters culture
religon <enter sect here> Change your religion
clear clears the console screen
fow disables/enables fog of war
claim <title> <char-id> gives character a claim on selected title
give_title <title> <char-id> gives the title to the character
give_title c_countyname <char-id> Grants character selected title: ‘b’ for barony, ‘c’ for county, ‘d’ for duchy, ‘k’ for kingdom, ‘e’ for empire, b_dyn_founding char-id for patricians
pollinate female char-id male char-id Impregnates female character by male character
event 450 female char id Initiates mistress event between female courtier and male liege
kill (character ID) kills the character associated with the ID put in.
marry_anyone Lets you marry anyone including close family
allow_laws Lets You Set Any Law with no wait or vote
event 64000 – event 64145 Lovers events, new events are initiated on every 5th number, i.e., event 64030, event 64035
move char id Moves selected character to your court, does not work on rulers
discover_plots plots are always discovered (repeat to have to search again)
help prints the message “No help for you!”, no other (known) effect
imprison <char-id>(prisoner) <char-id>(jailer) puts prisoner in jailer’s dungeon
event 1711 Remove arbitrary
event 38283 Remove ill
remove_trait [trait name] [ID] Removes trait from character
play [ID] Switches your control to the owner of the ID put in.
neg_opinion [hater ID] [hated ID] The first ID hates the second ID, -50
charinfo 1 unlock extra character info