Code Cheat for Crisis Action Using Game Guardian

Crisis Action is an amazing shooter game, the very definition of the ultimate action FPS. With most of the team relying on your performance, it is paramount that you get your A game on with these AOD cheat codes for Crisis Action with Game Guardian.

Check out the video below to see the crisis action cheat codes at work and find out how to hack this amazing game and play to the fullest. This video guide will show you how to hack Crisis Action and avoid the force close problems associated with the older cheat codes.

The cheat codes to be on the lookout include


1034147594;1017370378 Change value 1152593159

High focus

1082130432;1120403456;1045220557 value 900 or 9 or 90

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Hack wall (Wall Hack)

1034147594;1051931443 value 2090000000

GameGuardian is an amazing game hack, cheat and alteration apk that will work on Android 2.3.3+. It requires a rooted device and is currently available in up to 90 languages. Deploying it on Crisis Action will not only let you use the above cheats but also give you direct access to the game and its memory storage hence helping you tweak so much more and play the game as you please.

Check out our how to download, use and install GameGuardian guide to get started.