Civilization 6 Review; New Features and Let-Downs

Right off the bat, the overall view of Civilization 6 is that it can do better. In particular, Firaxis Games should fix the AI aspect of the game. Despite the notable areas with room for improvement this baseline Civ game feels complete, something that has missed for the longest time possible. In addition, there are tweaks on the formula that clearly distinguishes Civ IV from its predecessor.Civilization 6

Baseline Civilization 6 feels solid based on the amount of stuff it packs. However, there are still few who have already complained about Civ 6 not being as good as Civilization 5. With those complaints in mind, it is a matter of time before Firaxis releases additional expansions that aim at addressing Civ IV’s weak points.

Before I quickly jump to the good and bad of this Civ game, it is worth pointing out the new features: “Districts” and “Active Research”. However, the city center is still there.


  • Great menu music
  • Emphasis on trade
  • More backroom dealing thanks to fewer strategic resources
  • Useful and interesting Great People


  • Messy user interface
  • Poor AI
  • Excessive early-game military action
  • Undeniable Culture Victory let-down
  • Weird aesthetic look of cities


It goes without saying that Civilization 6 brings a breath of fresh air. It looks promising but needs fixes to its caveats. In a year or two, Firaxis should have looked into that. For those who do not mind the complaints and cons, you will definitely find the Districts and Active Research interesting additions.