CHEAT CODES for Corporation Inc.

Corporation inc from Armor Games is a simple browser-based strategy game that sets you on a quest to create the greatest and most profitable push-button company in the world. You get to choose a starting budget for the game, grab a plot and build offices before you can get workers to fill the desks. The Corporation Inc. cheat codes here will help you build your empire faster by putting you on the fast track to hiring better employees who will give you more profits as soon as possible.

Corporation Inc. starts easy and becomes harder as your objectives rise and as you become more successful. Knowing the different tricks and cheat codes off the book will help you get better bonuses and make more money on the go.

Corporation Inc Top Cheats

Here are some of the most popular cheat codes for Corporation Inc. Enjoy. Note that you will no longer be eligible for the high score competition the moment you begin using cheat codes.


  1. venture capital – (+) Add $100k to your funds
  2. cashing in my options – (+) $100m to your funds
  3. crash – (+) Set your money back to zero dollars
  4. send in the clowns – Everyone is a clown
  5. reaping the benefits – Everyone is a grim reaper
  6. stop the silly – Turn off clowns or grim reaper features
  7. research frenzy – (+) All research completed.
  8. catzilla – All cats are 3x larger.
  9. moar catz – (+) 50 Cats added to game.

These are good enough to give you that extra boost you need to make it in the competitive push –button world. Let us know in the comments section below if there is any other cheat codes you think we left out.