Breath of the Wild: How to Get Into Gerudo Town

Gerudo town is one of the many cities in Zelda: Breath of the World. While it is just a city in the southwestern part of the map, sited in the confines of a harsh desert, you won’t gain entry to the city upon finding it. Only women might enter into Gerudo town and your presence isn’t welcome.

But since the fate of the world, or at least the game, demands that you find a way to enter Gerudo town in Zelda Breath of the Wild, you might have spent hours looking for a password to the town or how to sneak in undetected.

To get Link into Gerudo, you will need to find the Gerudo girl who will sell you the girl armor for disguise if you talk to her the right way.

How to Get the Gerudo Girl Armor

Once you find the city, head over to the city gate by the shrine entrance. There you will find a man who will tell you of someone in the Kara Kara Bazaar who can teach you how to get into the city. Walk the road northeast from Gerudo to get to the Bazaar.

legend of zelda breath of the wild get gerudo town girl outfit

Identify the spire in the area and climb to the top where you will see a girl in a Gerudo costume. Talk to the girl and on the convo prompts, choose to ‘study her face’ and ‘you’re very beautiful.” This will tip her into selling you a replica of her Gerudo outfit for just 600 rupees.

Even though Link will be a bit embarrassed in the costume, it is the trick you need to get into Gerudo Town easily. Apart from this, the costume also gives you heat resistance making it a great accessory when fighting against fire attacks.

How to Get the Gerudo Town Password

The alternative would be finding the password to Gerudo Town. To get this, you will have to wait until it is dark then wait for a little girl returning home. Follow her to the house next to the cantina and approach the window to eavesdrop what the women in the cantina are saying as their conversation will reveal the password.

If you already in costume and just want the Gerudo Secret Club password, head over to the Noble Canteen and let the women discussing the password you seek to see you. They will go silent until you leave. Go to the outside and upstairs to the Canteen’s west. When inside the next room, you can eavesdrop y standing near the wall.

If you don’t want the whole process, you can just live knowing that the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Secret Club password is G,S, C, Diamond.

To use it, go to the southeast side of town and find a door in one of the alleys. When you try to open it, the person inside will ask for the above password.

The club room gives you access to the Radiant armor and the Desert Voe armor set. The Radiant armor draws skeleton enemies to you while the Desert Voe will give you better protection against heat. Enhancing both armor sets at the Great Fairy Locations makes the Radiant set dish out more damage to skeleton enemies while the Desert Voe will give you shock resistance.

Gerudo Town Side Quests

Here are the side missions you should look out for when in Gerudo Town to ensure that you maximize on your presence in this town

Side Quest Name Location Quest Giver Reward
The Search for Barta Gerudo Town Leena Silver Rupee
Medicinal Molduga Gerudo Town Malena Gold Rupee
The Eighth Heroine Gerudo Town Bozai Sand Boots
The Mystery Polluter Gerudo Town Dalia Hydromelon
The Secret Club’s Secret Gerudo Town Greta Armor Merchant – Desert Voe SpaulderArmor and Radiant Shirt
Tools of the Trade Gerudo Town Isha Jewelry Shop Access, choice of Ruby Circlet, Sapphire Circlet or Topaz Earrings
The Forgotten Sword Gerudo Town Bozai Snow Boots
The Thunder Helm Gerudo Town Riju Thunder Helm