Blizzard Goes All Rogue on Overwatch Cheat Users

Game developers are getting harsher on cheaters by the day. Niantic, EA, BioWare… mention them. Very few vendors with online multiplayer titles or games whose individual progress has an impact on the overall gamer universe remain passive to the bristling game cheats community. Blizzard’s latest move cracks down on Overwatch cheat users who were proudly using undetectable hacks to gain an upper hand in this team-based multiplayer first-person title.

blizzard has overwatch cheats on its scopes

The Undetectable Overwatch Cheats and Hacks are Detectable

A couple of passes on my favorite cheats and hacks forums is all I needed to know that Blizzard is seeing through all those cheats and hacks that are allegedly the safest and undetectable.

Many players have fried their only Overwatch accounts for using cheats otherwise deemed safe and undetectable. Some of the gamers even mentioned the hacks they were using with some quoting Overjoint, a popular hack to the game and lamenting of being banned for using the cheat only once on super low settings.

What Does Getting Banned Mean?

An Overwatch ban is bad news. Even though you can recover from the ban and get online again, you’ll most probably lose some money, your gaming progress and end up very furious at the person who sold you into the cheating idea.

You will have to purchase a new copy of the game (grab your copy here if you’ve already made up your mind to start afresh) and create a totally different account. You should all along be keen to convince that you aren’t the same rotten cheater banned a few hours ago.

There’s literally nothing you can do other than avoid using cheats until later on when the game’s hype has died off. I personally don’t advocate for game cheats and hacks so early in a title as they tend to spoil the fun and prevent you from enjoying the content to the fullest.

Stay safe, say no to Overwatch cheat codes and hacks – at least for now.