Bless Online: How to Turn Off HUD

MMOs like Eve Online and Black Desert Online always give the player an overlaid HUD to help you keep track of the many things happening in the game at a go. Bless Online, the latest MMO in the house is not any different.

You get a relatively unintrusive HUD that is spread through the bottom of the screen, to the bottom right and mostly to the top right. The good thing about Bless Online is the developers managed to cram in all the useful information without making these displays any obtrusive.

How to turn off HUD in Bless Online

Turning off the HUD in Bless Online is simple and straightforward.

All you have to do is hit F11

You can also achieve the same result by pressing , or . keys on your keyboard.

Anyone can still play the game perfectly well without getting any interference from the multiple displays. If anything, they will make the game easier to play since you not only see your world map but also know different players joining the game, see your inventory, capabilities and so much more.

So why would anyone want to turn off the HUD in Bless Online?

The primary excuse I would see anyone using to turn off the HUD is when they want to take screenshots of the game without any interference.

Normally, turning off the HUD is a simple affair that uses key combinations to ensure that you can take everything off and back on without interfering with your game. For instance, in Eve Online, you can use CTRL+F9 while in the game to toggle on/off the HUD.