Black Mesa Console Commands

Even though Black Mesa is in many ways similar to Half-Life, the game remake has tons of customizations and added freedoms that were otherwise not available in the original game. One of the most notable thing in this first-person shooter that combines puzzles with combat is the freedom to use the developer console command to modify events, values and things in your game world.

To activate Black Mesa’s console commands or cheat mode, you have to:

  • Go to the Options menu and select Keyboard
  • Select Advanced
  • Check the developer console option
  • Press tilde (~) key on your keyboard, type SV_Cheats 1 and press enter to activate the console

To use a code, hit the tilde key again (~) followed by the console command you want to implement and press enter to activate it.

  • God: activates god mod (nothing can kill you)
  • Sv_ gravity: Adjusts in-game gravity
  • Notarget: All opponents will ignore
  • Noclip: Clipping disabled
  • Impulse 101: Gives you all weapons in the game

Apart from these basics, you can also spawn NPC weapons in the game using the Cheat console. To activate this, enter npc_create in the console command press the space bar and enter one of the codes below to activate the NPC you want.

  • npc_human_scientist: Human scientist.
  • npc_human_grunt: Human grunt.
  • npc_sniper: Sniper.
  • npc_sentry_ground: Ground sentry.
  • npc_houndeye: Houndeye.
  • npc_lav: LAV.
  • npc_osprey: Osprey.
  • npc_alien_grunt: Alien grunt.
  • npc_human_medic: Human medic.
  • npc_human_commander: Human commander.

To create your own equipment using the Black Mesa console command, enter npc_create_equipment, hit the space bar and type one of the following codes to create the equipment you want. Remember to hit enter to get the code working

  • weapon_mp5: MP5.
  • weapon_9mm: 9MM.
  • weapon_shotgun: Shotgun.
  • weapon_crossbow: Crossbow.
  • weapon_grenade: Grenade.
  • weapon_crowbar: Crowbar.

Black Mesa Keybinds

If console commands in Black Mesa aren’t everything you wanted, you can always use a config.cfg textfile to do keybinds. Keybinding attaches specific actions to specific keys makes it easier to do complex move sets without using multiple controllers. To do this:

  • create a text file and name it config.cfg
  • move the file to your game installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\BMS\cfg if on steam or \BMS\cfg\ if you installed the game elsewhere)

Open the text file you just created and paste the following code

bind “1” “slot1”
bind “2” “slot2”
bind “3” “slot3”
bind “a” “+moveleft”
bind “c” “+duck”
bind “d” “+moveright”
bind “e” “+use”
bind “f” “impulse 100”
bind “q” “+melee”
bind “r” “+reload”
bind “s” “+back”
bind “w” “+forward”
bind “z” “+zoom”
bind “`” “toggleconsole”
bind “SPACE” “+jump”
bind “TAB” “+policeradio”
bind “ESCAPE” “cancelselect”
bind “PAUSE” “pause”
bind “SHIFT” “+speed”
bind “F1” “toggleconsole”
bind “F3” “askconnect_accept”
bind “F5” “jpeg”
bind “F6” “save quick”
bind “F9” “load quick”
bind “MOUSE1” “+attack”
bind “MOUSE2” “+attack2”
bind “MOUSE3” “+reload”
bind “MOUSE4” “+grenade”
bind “MWHEELUP” “invnext”
bind “MWHEELDOWN” “invprev”

  • Save and close the txt file
  • Go to the game shortcut and edit it’s target (right click and select properties. There you will see properties) and add –dev to the end of the target
  • Save and use the shortcut to launch the game
  • When in game, press Left SHIFT+F1 to activate developer mode
  • Click on the Debug Menu button that shows up and select AI to activate the cheats you save in the config.cfg file