Black Desert Online Auto Fishing Guide

Resources are everything in the highly competitive Black Desert Online world. You not only need them to build your reputation in the MMORPG world but also need them to keep your in-game character happy and fueled for work. Since farming food resources takes time, any automation trick that will keep your resources flowing as you explore the BDO world, brew some beer or perhaps tame a couple of horses is always welcome.

Here are some pointers to give you the right boost in Black Desert Online afk auto fishing.

BDO Auto Fishing Tips

1. Get a Fishing Rod

Find a fisherman in your city and buy a rod. These NPC’s can be found when you search with the NPC finder utility adjacent to your minimap. Select the fish icon and you will be directed in the direction of the NPC’s location. Fishing rods deplete with use, so you will notice that eventually, a fishing rod becomes ineffectual. Luckily a rod is just 500 silver coins. There are however fishing rods that are higher in value. and can be repaired.

In addition to the fishing rod, you can also get a penguin pet. Penguins will improve your auto fishing time by 10 to 20 percent depending on its tier level. To get this bonus, your penguin must be well fed and out scouring the seas for fish.

You can get penguin pets by participating in events that give these amazing pets as rewards.

Once you have your fishing rod and the penguin, you can initiate auto fishing by pressing the space bar. Minimize the game to the system tray and start doing other things. Come back after around 30 mins to see how much fish you caught.

BDO FISHING RODS: Equipment for Auto Fishing Stats

Black desert fishing spots

You can auto fish from any sizeable mass of water in BDO. However, not every mass will give you the fish output you require so you need to be choosy. Fishing in Velia or any populated area isn’t a good idea as the resources there will be overtasked by the high populous leaving little or not fish It’s better to auto fish in low population areas as these tend to be teeming with fish since there’s no many people fishing the water.

Don’t fish in creeks unless you must. Some scary stuff, scarier than the Fallout 4 Kaiju of the Commonwealth, resides there. Ensure that you are well armed and ready for a confrontation when you go fishing in the creeks

Fishing spots in BDO are dynamic. They keep on changing hence it will be hard to give you the best fixed fishing spot.

Sail to the open sea, sometimes you will find spots where seagulls are flying over a huge fishspot. There you get only yellow ones. They will remain for max. 30 mins or so.

Hotspot Fishing

You need a boat for this, preferably a fishing boat as it can move every 30 minutes. You can craft one by yourself or buy a readymade fishing boat off the marketplace. BDO fishing hotspots are indicated by a school of fish jumping out the water with seagulls surrounding them

Black desert online Fishing and Inventory

First, you’ve got to know how to effectively sell your catch before it goes stale.  Also, it’s crucial that you remember that once you’ve caught fish it takes 24 hours for them to go bad. So, it’s best to sell them as soon as you can. If you’re out for a day or two you could always dry your fish and get it at 30% the original cost which is better than fish going bad (default “L” key dries your fish).

Do not fill your inventory with white fish instead get green fish or higher. They fetch a better price in the marketplace.

Fish Loot Levels Rewards in BDO

  • White fish: 200 Silver Coins
  • Green Fish: 2000 Silver Coins
  • Blue Fish: 5000 Silver Coins
  • Yellow Fish: 20000 Silver Coins
  • Orange Fish: 125,000 Silver Coins

Harpoon Fishing

You can catch fish that can’t be caught with a fishing rod. Including, whales, sharks and large fish can sell up to 350,000 silver coins. Here are some sample catches.

  • Saw Shark: 86,240 silver
  • Whale Shark: 88,200 silver
  • White Shark: 89,600 silver
  • Sperm Whale: 350,000 silver

Augmanting Fishing Ability with Bait

Consumables that work as bait increase one’s fishing ability. Here are some example recipes and other exotic baits

Note that Paste Bait is reachable through merit points for logging in daily and quest rewards.

Master Your Penguins

Penguins are given as an event reward so stay alert for the next penguin reward in BDO auto fishing. One penguin reduces auto fishing by 10% +1 level up to 20%. Feed and take your penguin out when auto fishing.

Fish Sale

Visit a trade manager. Go sell to a trade merchant and never sell to vendors. The game even advises against this shortcut. Bahar is Velia’s Trade Manager but there are plenty around.