Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Cheat Table & Console Commands

Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ has an added advantage in that apart from letting you use the legendary Cheat Engine to change game values, you can also use console commands to edit different things in the game. Nonetheless, nothing beats a good Cheat Engine cheat table in manipulating single player offline games.

Before starting using the cheat tables, you will have to install Cheat Engine and familiarize yourself with how the open source tool works. You can use our comprehensive guide to download, install and get started with Cheat Engine.

Once you are done with the installation preliminaries, you are ready to begin using some of the best Cheat Engine cheat tables out there.

the binding of isaac afterbirth console commands

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Plus .CT

The following cheat table lets you manipulate and edit a wide range of in-game values to give you an edge or perhaps make the game harder if you edit the values downwards. The things you will be able to do with this cheat table by Zanzer include:

  • Become invulnerable
  • Get unlimited Red Hearts
  • Execute rapid shots and bombs
  • Free Timer

You can also use the cheat table to manipulate the following player pointers

  • Hearts
  • Coins
  • Bombs
  • Keys
  • Cards/Pills
  • Held Items new
  • Attack Stats
  • Player Stats
  • Coordinates

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Alucain .ct

The Alucain Cheat Table packs different perks. It will let you add Custom Seed achievement script, implement floor stats that help you avoid curses and use the new Items feature to Pedestal and Trinket Script. You can download the cheat table here.

Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + Console Commands

Console commands let you enter values straight into the debugging console that game developers used to test different game scenarios. As a gamer, you can use the console and console commands to your advantage to help you exploit different scenarios and learn more about the game.

To use the console, first enable mods from the game’s main menu. After this, you can activate the debugging console by using the tilde (~) key. This will give you access to command console where you can enter the following console commands

Spawn Command

The spawn command creates new entities in the game. Examples:

  • Spawn 2.6: Tears Isaac Shoots
  • Spawn 6.3: Fortune Telling Machine
  • Spawn 3.2: Familiars Around Isaac
  • Spawn 6.9: The Bomb Bum
  • Spawn 408: Skinless Hush

You can use the Spawn command to generate champion versions of enemies and bosses. Your command should be:

[type].[variant].[subtype].[champion]  e.g. spawn

It is clear that you will need to know item IDs variants and subtype numbers to use these commands

Goto Command

The goto command will take you to the specific location. The command takes two parameters, s for special rooms on the floor (shop, boss, item room) and d for common everyday rooms

Examples of the command in question goto, goto d.5


The stage command lets you shift from different levels in the game. The basement is 1 and the values go up as you approach the void.

e.g. stage 1


The gridspawn console command can be used to create a couple of items that you could otherwise not spawn in a given room.

  • [gridspawn 3000] Pits in the Ground
  • [gridspawn 1930] Spikes
  • [gridspawn 9100] Crawlspaces

Debug Console Commands

The debug console command is followed by a number. You can keep experimenting to find out what different numbers debug. However, you can use the following for a start

  • [debug 3]: Infinite HP
  • [debug 4]: +40 damage to tears only.
  • [debug 7]: Displays damage values.
  • [debug 8]: Active item always has max charge.
  • [debug 9]: Luck becomes very high.
  • [debug 10]: All enemies take constant and rapid damage.

Any game with console command access gives you an almost god power when in the game since you can bypass almost any variable in the game. If you are willing to try different things and experiment, you will find the game worthwhile, discover hidden stuff and derive more satisfaction from your game.