What is the Best Game Boy Advance Emulator for PC?

The Game Boy Advanced (GBA) is the cradle of video game evolution. All those classic titles like Super Mario, Pokemon Glazed and Legend of Zelda came to life in the iconic GBA. While the GBA wasn’t the graphics and processing monster you would expect of the modern handheld gaming console, many people still want to relive the experience even if they can’t lay hands on the device.

This is quite possible thanks to the many GBA emulators that let you run the classic games on your computer, tab or smartphone. The best GBA emulator for PC will let you enjoy the nostalgic game titles on your Windows PC.

You can also check out GBA emulators for MacOS, iOS and Android in case you’d like to play the game on other platforms.

Best GBA Emulators for PC

Visual Boy Advance (VBA-M)

The Visual Boy Advance emulator (VBA-M) is your first and best choice for a GBA emulator on PC. As one of the oldest emulators in the game, it has evolved to support a huge range of GBA games. Even though the original thing was discontinued in 2004, enthusiasts still keep different versions of the emulator running. VBA-M is your best spin-off. It has all the Visual Boy Advance features we all loved and additional perks. You can use it to deploy ROMs including Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy ROMs.

Higan GBA Emulator

The Higan GBA emulator works on Windows PC and targets Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Super Famicom and Nintendo Famicom. This gives you the freedom to enjoy classic games from other platforms hence expanding your reach from traditional GBA titles. If you love GBA games, chances are that you’ll want to play what is on these other platforms.


mGBA is optimized for speed and lag-free gaming. Even though most of the best GBA emulator for PC options aren’t that heavy on your system, you might want something optimized for speed to make your games as seamless as possible. This makes it the top choice for people who want to run the games on a PC that suffers from lags and hangups.  mGBA also gives you multi-window gaming and allows multiplayer games. You can also use Solar Sensors, ROM patches and Cheat Codes when running on this emulator.

No$GBA (No Cash GBA)

No Cash GBA is a 100 percent free GBA emulator that brings Game Boy Advance games to your PC. In addition to this, you can hook up any game running on No$GBA to the internet and play multiplayer titles with other No$GBA gamers. The emulator also extends support to the more recent Nintendo DS making it the perfect GBA and Nintendo DS emulator all in one.


Even though the BoycottAdvance still needs BIOS to work properly and fully emulate the Game Boy Advance on PC, it is the easiest to use GBA emulator for PC. You will get perfect sound emulations and you can use the pause/resume features as you want. The BoycottAdvance can also detect joysticks letting you play all those arcade games just as they were meant to be enjoyed.


If you want something lightweight that won’t affect your PC performance, then the Bat GBA is the thing for you. Bat GBA has been in play for over 10 years and has grown into perfection since then. You will need the original BIOS files to emulate GBA on your PC using this and the emulator performance will always be devoid of sound or frame lags.

RascalBoy Advance

RascalBoy had humble beginnings but has grown to be one of the very best GBA emulators to run on Windows PC. Active development has seen to it that additional like multiplayer features and the freedom to connect up to 4 emulators into one multiplayer experience. The multiplayer feature can let you play online easily.


This is the last emulator on our best Gameboy emulators for PC list. By now, you’ve seen representatives from the fastest, the lightest, multiplayer and online player GBA emulators. DreamGBA won’t give you any fancy features but it will get the job done as long as you have the GBA bios. You can get complete Game Boy advance console features with it.