Best Free Mac Games

Mac always boasts of being finely built compared to similarly priced competitive brands. However, when it comes to the gaming front, they have taken a beating. Windows has an edge over them. Mac has therefore endeavored to improve its gaming for its users just as Linux. It has even ported some of the games found in Windows to its platform. If you are a Mac user there are several games that can still entertain you.

1. Brawlhalla

brahawalla free game for mac

Free and Mac is not synonymous. Brawlhalla defies this idea. The 2D platform perhaps can be attributed to the “freeness” of the game. What stands out the most about it aside from fighting are the gameplay options. The game can be played online by up to a maximum of 8 players not to mention the other 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 options.

The game is flexible, in that you can actually unlock the characters through two options, through play or payment option. The thrill of the fighting genre often is pegged on the ammunition. Brawlhalla doesn’t disappoint. There are many weapons to use in addition to the powering up options.

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2. Lord of Rings Online

When a highly grossing book, movie, game, and technology merge the result is phenomenal. If you are a fan of the book (Mac included) or movie, this game is a must play. The two character slots would definitely disappoint the die-hard Lord of the Rings fan. Its quality is arguably high in the (Massively Multi-player role online) MMO genre.

However, there are complaints about its reward system. The selective award of destiny points to VIP members robs the free user the joy of the game. There is also the question of lack of in-game payments system, unlike other games. These setbacks notwithstanding, the game is one of Macs best free games.

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3. Fortnite Battle Royale

Game developers, Epic Games, created shock waves in the gaming world with this project. This first-person shooting game which requires you to fight 99 other characters is very demanding.

It also has the infamy of not playing well in older Mac versions. The Fortnite storyline involves going to a flying a bus to obtain ammunition that you use in the quest to remain the last man standing. The downside to this game remains its stubbornness to only be played in specific Mac books.

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4. Hearthstone

Cards have always been a staple indoor game. Blizzard preserves the card game by only altering the deck of 30 with World of Warcraft personalities. Hearthstone offers you an opportunity to play your opponent alongside the hero character of your choice.

For any card based game lover, this game would definitely be an easy one. Blizzard has managed to maintain the turn-based mechanism effectively in the game.

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5. Spelunky

If you are a fun of adventure this is the right game for you. This game features a character Spelunky who explores underground for treasure. Along the way Spelunky is faced by enemies and traps that he must overcome to get to the ultimate goal.

The game is relatively easy to play, but may be frustrating. It maintains the vintage design. Given the simple graphics, it’s less demanding on your mac and any version can play it.

6. 0. A.D.

Wildfire Games has been so successful with this 0.A.D. that competitors across all platforms are lining up for it. The game is set in the ancient world of empires. You are tasked to train an army to strategize and fight 12 other civilizations, never mind each has different military tactics.

The game is perfect if you are a fun of games involving strategy or history lover. If you have played Age of Empires then this would be an easy ride. Perhaps the ability to play in both single and multiple roles offers the best gaming experience.

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7. StarCraft II

As the name suggests, the game involves intergalactic warfare. For strategists, this is the perfect game. It blends military planning and execution with occasional collaborations in missions. The game offers challenges with Artificial Intelligence, three free commanders and unlocking ability upon first 10 wins. Wings of Liberty Campaign remain free while the rest of the game may need payment to be made.

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8. World of WarCraft

Welcome to the world of the Alliance or the hordes. Blizzard created races, alliances, enemies and hurled them in a large virtual world. This free game (The first 20 levels), offers you a choice of characters to pick from. If you are a fan of games with storylines this is the game for you.

In addition to the reward system, the multiplayer function offers you and your friends interphase to compete. The only challenge would be the different classes and races having different fighting styles. For a specialist in a certain style, this can prove to be challenging.

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10. League of Legends

Every true gamer is familiar with this game. Its popularity can be the driving force behind Mac acquiring it. Perhaps in anticipation of appeasing the game loving mac users. Having been developed by a reputed company, RIOT, this game gives the ultimate gaming experience. What makes it more exciting is the longevity of the fights (20-60minutes).

You being a champion has to fight alongside your team against the nexus of your opponents. As time passes the legends gain more powers and earn gold. The downside is as your team gains more powers, upon completion of a round, the next one you start afresh. Granted the popularity of the game, the competition is definitely tough which makes it every gamers dream.

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11. Team Fortress 2

Never mind the cartoon styled graphics of this game, it is highly rated and commands respect in the gaming fraternity. Dubbed as entertaining, the game features 9 characters divided into classes. These include support group, defense group, and offense group.

Valve developed the game in a variety of modes that one can pick e.g. capturing the flag and King of the Hill. Compared to other games, it can operate even in old Mac pcs.

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The gaming world has revolutionized the PC world. While a few years back their idea of a Mac having games would seem absurd, Apple has realized that it indeed the customer is always correct.