Best Free Games to Play On Linux

Gaming platforms offer varied user experience. Linux definitely offers a different experience compared to its competitors. Some of the differences involved, the pricing, interface, availability and the most asked question whether the game is free. This presents a dilemma to Operating systems like Linux.

Linux offers certain games free especially during the free trial period. Other games, however, need to be purchased. The availability of the games is no question but it also doesn’t compromise the quality and user experience of the gamer. The following are some of the free games albeit considered best.

1. Battle of Wesnoth

This game offers both solo and multi-player options. As the name suggests, the game involves protection of the gamer’s kingdom through battle. It puts wit and strategy of the gamer to test. It comes with a complete map editor assisting in the key battles and strategy. Another key advantage is you can play the game both offline and online. There are several mysteries one can opt to pursue. Even though it is not an Escape Game like Adventure Escape Time Library, it is still captivating and keeps you on your toes.

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2. Xonotic

Thrillers and action games have been a staple in the gaming world. Linux taps into this through its arguably most famous game. It comes with both a single and multiplayer option. In addition to the thrill of shooting, the gamer is provided with an array of ammunition. There are additional modes and maps to boost the experience. The fast pace adds extra excitement to the game.

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3. 0.A.D

Any history enthusiast would find this game particularly interesting. Not only does it capture the ancient world, but it seeks to reenact it through gaming. The gamer is taken through the various civilization and empires. Just like Wesnoth, it is a strategy-based game. The current 0.A.D is the 23rd version. The transformations and improvements from the earlier versions are remarkable. It boasts of the ability of game enhancing mods being downloaded just as in popular games like the Fallout Series or GTAV.

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4. True Combat Elite

This game borrows heavily from tactical elite military units. If you wish to be a navy seal, delta force or any other elite force member, the game offers you a near experience. The modus operandi remains the same as in real life “come out alive”. The game is a shooting game, albeit with one shooter Wolfenstein. There is an international mercenary group that you are tasked to face by TCE. This translates to facing equally skilled enemies in the line of duty. True Combat elite is definitely a must play game for lovers of shooting games.

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5. Super Tux Kart

Linux couldn’t have good games resume without having a racing game. Racing has always been a key niche for gamers. Super Tux Kart offers the classic racing experience. The developers have gone further to make the game more realistic by adding more features. The game features classic racing genre features like storyline, battles and track mode. These features serve to increase the targeted gaming audience across all age-groups not alienating either group. You definitely have to try this game if you love speed.

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6. War Thunder

The marriage between gaming and history has proven to be successful. So much so, that, developers opt to simulate World War 2 in War Thunder. The graphics capture the fighting arenas of the war. The recap of world war two also captures the military equipment of the time. The game extends to cover the cold war period that brought about the arms race. There is the single and multiplayer action option for this game. Another key advantage of this game is its cross-platform status.

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7. Fishing Planet

fishing planet for linux

Game developers at times opt to simulate activities to bring out the gaming experience. Fishing planet is such a game. The developers give a virtual feeling of fishing. If you are fishing enthusiasts or wish to experience it, this is the perfect option. Just like in the real world a lot of angling is required. The simulation is arguably so well that the first person experience is unrivaled. The game is free, but you need to download additional features.

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8. Star Conflict

The name suggests chaos in space. The game like others of its genres offers multiple and varying enemies that you face. It sticks to the genre‘s action filled games. The only difference is it’s predominantly is a multiplayer game. The game offers a rare feeling of being in conflict while in space. It heavily relies on simulation of being in space. Star Conflict is definitely thrilling if you are a space enthusiast or curious type. Linux really outdid themselves with this game.

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9. Robocraft

There is a nexus between robots and games. Linux is cognizant of this fact in Robocraft. The game reminds you of Optimus Prime. Not only do you get to fully customize your robot but its abilities are astonishing. There is also the amazing weaponry that is a quantum leap from other robot games. They are futuristic par excellence. If you merge the weaponry with the robots vehicle, the end result is an unrivaled gaming experience. These vehicles are reminiscent of a hovercraft. They actually walk, fly, hover and can be driven. To cap it all off, the game features high-quality graphics, sound, and storyline.

10. Adventure Capitalist

The title is a corruption of the “venture capitalist “, the game, on the other hand, is at its purest form. This game actually does the same. The game merges the financial world of investment with adventure. It is a tall order given the drab perception the finance world takes from the regular person. But one is reminded of monopoly still being a favorite board game in most homes. Adventure capitalist simulates the investment process. It is complete with investors and prosperity to match that. It offers succession to your estate in case you are gone. The game is arguably both educational in the art of investment and entertaining. A key point to note is the simulation makes the gaming experience even more real.

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Linux offers a wide array of games across all genres. Most free games are trial based and you can update or download extra features to improve the user experience. The ability to play some games both off and online is an added advantage to these games.