How to Breed Horses in Black Desert Online

Horses in Black Desert Online are a great way to get around or to draw trade wagons to the marketplace to sell your fresh batch of fish. Despite their obvious importance, many Black Desert Online players have absolutely no idea on how to tame and breed horses.

High tier horses make the best mounts and are also perfect for drawing carts or carrying cargo. While you can buy your horses at the marketplace, you will rarely get top tier thoroughbreds on sale at your local market. This why you need to learn how to breed horses into higher tiers.

How do you tame a horse in Black Desert?

If you want to begin taming a horse there are requirements that need to be attained

  1. You must be in character level 20
  2. You must attain training beginner level 5 and you could check this by pressing P and looking under profession.

If you have not yet attained level 5 beginner training, you can’t ride a donkey or a horse. Training level goes up as you ride either a horse or a donkey around. If you have not begun using a mount it could take a while to grow your points. All you need to do is move back and forth far distances on auto-run to ramp up your rating.

On Beginner Level 5 you can start by using a capturing rope, so when taming the horse you need a capturing rope and lump of sugar and you need silver to purchase these two items. You need one of each item for taming a single horse. However, you might mess up on the first time and that is why is it very helpful to have plenty of ropes and lumps of sugar to get many chances of taming.

You can purchase capturing ropes and lumps of sugar in towns like Velia or learn how to a lump of sugar. All you need is 10 Raw Sugar and 1 Mineral Water and then choose heating and mix the ingredients.

Finding wild horses

Finding Black Desert horse taming locations is rather simple as there are a number of Black Desert Online wild horse locations which are:

  • Northwest of Heidel
  • South of Olvia
  • South of Glish
  • East of Trent up the Mountains
  • Southeast of Calpheon (between Marni Cave Path and Marni Farm Ruins)
  • South of Epheria

Black Desert horse spawns in anywhere on the above locations but take up to 2 hours for them to respawn when they have been tamed and taken away.

bdo how to breed horses

Once you are in one of the Black Desert Online wild horse locations and have found a wild horse, there are three parts of capturing it.

  • Equip the Capturing Rope and aim at the wild horse the press the left mouse button. Ensure the horse is not moving away from you or you might fail
  • Press Spacebar button when the grey cursor is in the red portion.
  • Walk towards the horse and do not press spacebar button immediately. When you see the horse raising its front hooves is when you need to press the spacebar
  • When the bar comes up you need to keep pressing the Spacebar button to keep the indicator on the right side of the bar
  • Get close enough to the horse and use the lump of sugar which might be easier if you put it on your hotbar. After doing this, press R to mount the wild horse and if the horse kicks you off you have failed and have to try this all over again.

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How to breed horses Black Desert

You can breed with your own horses or breed your female with another player’s male horse.

Breeding your own horses

  1. Ensure that have both your horses at the same stable and an empty 3rd slot.
  2. Select the male horse and select register at breeding and choose the female horse and apply for mating.

Other players might breed with your male before you do, so you can pay 35,000 silver to only avail it for yourself.

Breeding with other player’s horse

  1. Select your female horse
  2. Go the stable and click “Stable” then “Breeding Market”. You will see all the horses available for breeding and prices you need to pay the horse owner to breed with your female horse.
  3. When you find a horse you would like your horse to mate with, click the icon of the female horse in your stable then click “Apply”
  4. If you do receive an error message go and make sure your horse has full stamina.

Male horses breed twice but females horses only breed once.

Players can do exchange breeding that is killing both parents and making an offspring immediately which is good if the horses cannot breed anymore or you do not want them anymore.