Battletech Cheat Engine: Best Cheat Tables & Hacks

Battletech is a turn-based strategy video-game for the indie-developer Harebrained Schemes. The game was released on April 24, 2018, for Windows and OS X platforms. The game features strategic and real-time scenarios that might be overwhelming to the casual gamer and that’s why in this guide, we compile a list of the best Cheat engine Tables and Mods for Battletech that we believe would come in handy.

Beware that using such cheat engine tables, trainers and mods in the game’s online multiplayer mode is irresponsible and frustrating to other players. This may also attract penalties and bans towards your gamer account as cheating in video-games is generally frowned upon by game developers and purists. Strictly stick to single-player while using these cheats and don’t port earned XP and loot onto multiplayer. For a definitive guide on using cheat engine tables, check out our Introductory guide into Cheat Engine.

Battletech Cheat Engine Table

The most reliable Battletech Cheat table comes from Recifense. You can grab a copy of the cheat tables here.

Some of the features that this Cheat Table unlock in Battletech include:

  • God Mode for your Mechs and Pilots
  • No heating problem for your Mechs
  • Your mechs don’t fall overcoming
  • XP points don’t decrease
  • Your vehicles can’t be destroyed
  • Funds will be increased by 1,000,000 at least
  • One hit kill enemy vehicles
  • Friendly buildings and turrets are indestructible
  • One-hit kill enemy turrets.

All features are disabled by default and some are mission specific cheats. However, activating all scripts are quite straightforward.

battletech cheat mods

Battletech Cheat Mods

Despite the game’s developers not officially supporting Battletech Mods, the modding community has been actively developing mods for the game since its launch. One of the most reliable communities is Nexus Mods and some of the features these mods unlock include:

  • Introduction of new mechs with new abilities
  • Gear takes fewer inventory slots
  • More gear
  • Reduced damage to friendly mechs
  • Obtain unlocks earlier and so many other options.

Hopefully, this guide on Battletech Cheat Engine tables and Mods proves useful in your quest to raise the ultimate mech army and enjoy the game your own way.