Battlefield 1 Factions: Which Side Will You Take?

Just like the name suggests, Battlefield 1 is a war-themed game that gives the player a taste of actual war. The tanks, missiles, bombs, and bullets, are all set in places to mimic World War 1. The adrenaline trickling game brings the feeling that you fought for your country, or maybe against it. For anyone who has played it, you’ll agree on this one thing- a lot of excellence went into its making– but not all things turned out the way you would expect.battlefield 1 factions ottoman

All Factions Based on Countries that Fought WW1

Probably the greatest disappointment for Battlefield 1 lovers was the lack of France and Russia in the original Battlefield 1 factions. Battlefield 1 playable factions were designed based countries that took part in World War 1. History has it that France, UK, and Russia made up what was called Triple Entente. Why the producer- DICE- would consider omitting two key players, and in turn lose a lot of gamer appeal remains a mystery. Hopefully, they had something up their sleeve.

DICE responded to their critics with a release of Battlefield 1 factions DLC (downloadable content), starting with the France faction. Others that followed are Russia, China Rising, and ANZAC.

This helped cool things down a little bit, but the fact that France and Russia were excluded in the original factions in Battlefield 1 still raises many eyebrows. The lack of a satisfactory Battlefield 1 faction list kills the thrill for blood and war lovers.

A Total of 18 Battlefield 1 Factions in Single-Player Mode

There is an upside to things: Battlefield 1 factions list totals to 18 in number for the single-player mode. This is well within the range of elite gaming and is a consolation for most gamers. DICE has shaken things up a bit with single player factions such as:

  • White Army
  • Red Army
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Royal Marines
  • Austria-Hungary
  • Imperial German Army
  • United States Army
  • Royal Italian Army
  • The United Kingdom
  • French Army
  • The Kingdom of Hejaz
  • Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
  • 369th Infantry Regiment
  • Royal Tank Regiment
  • Royal Air Force
  • Royal Flying Corps.

In-game details show that America has more guns than other factions, although their names cannot be used for copyright reasons. Serbia’s factions have similar helmets as Italy’s and French. Bulgarians have same hats as Americans. For the British faction, unique characterization has enabled players to distinguish between ANZAC and English characters. The British Scout is a Harlem Hellfighter instead of an ANZAC. Some players have questioned the fact that African Americans have been included in the American faction, yet they were not included in World War 1.

Online Multiplayer Factions

Turning things up a little bit, gamers who love their hype on multiplayer mode have the following Battlefield 1 multiplayer factions:

  • American
  • British
  • German
  • Italian
  • Hungarian
  • Ottoman Empire

battlefield 1 factionsOn the creation of characters for the games, DICE did not trouble themselves making a new character for each faction in Battlefield 1, they simply used a few tweaks to enhance changes. Apparently, American and British factions are the same, as well as German and Austro-Hungarians. Australia, Canada, and New Zealand also share a character.