Aura Kingdom Fishing Guide

Fishing is a great way to keep your items and rewards coffer stocked after hitting level 40 in Aura Kingdom. Even though fishing isn’t mandatory, knowing how to fish perfectly will help you accomplish a series of quests that will, in turn, give you access to better fishing gear. This Aura kingdom fishing guide will help you know the best Aura Kingdom fishing spot, fishing gear, fishing bot, fishing rod and fish tokens

Fish helps you to earn some serious gold once you sell it in the marketplace just as it would in other games like Terraria and Black Desert Online. To start fishing you need proper bait and equipment. Here’s an overview of what you need to fish.

How fishing works in Aura Kingdom

First, you will have to gather the equipment you need to fish.

Get a fishing rod

Fishing rods are quite important equipment when fishing and they hold different stats and others require higher tiers for you to use them. Fishing rods can be bought from Anglers Anonymous Merchants like Alyssa in Ventos and Ken in Navea.

Advanced rods are found in crates you receive while fishing because only basic rods are available for purchase.

You can always get free basic fishing equipment by finishing fishing quests.

Choose fishing baits

In Aura Kingdom fishing guide bait is very important as it improves the chances of you catching the right fish. Without any bait you are not going to catch any fish. Different fish require different kinds of bait

There are 4 types of bait. You can buy 3 of these at the fish merchant on the map the other one you can only get it from quests or orange fishes. The baits are:

  1. White bait: White bait is pretty much useless but is the cheapest and probably the most reliable bait. It costs 18 silver
  2. Blue bait: Blue bait costs 35 silver and it improves your chances of fishing a particular green fish
  3. Green bait: The green bait cost 67 silver and it improves the chances of you fishing a particular orange fish. It is expensive but when you want to fish for orange fish you can use it if you have a full set of Tier 4 or Tier 5 Gear.
  4. Orange bait: You need this bait if you want to try and catch a king fish. Orange bait can be acquired through different methods.
  • By doing your normal daily fish quests where you only get a box and 1 bait
  • By simply fishing for the orange fish in the map of the king fish

You can find out which bait you need by looking at its description for the name of your fish. All baits only work great on 1 fish. So if you can use them on other fish, the chance of you getting that fish will not be improved therefore use the correct bait for the correct fish.

To improve your chances of catching orange map fishes you can get the full green fishing set of that map which can be found in a crate fished up in that map

Wear your fishing equipment

When lower-level fishing, wearing fishing equipment is optional but when going for the bigger fish it is absolutely crucial. There are a number of styles and tiers of fishing equipment which all provide bonuses to fishing explicit types of fish.

Fishing equipment improves your gear’s reeling speed, rod strength, durability and line strength in addition to decreasing the prey’s stamina.

aura kingdom fishing guide

Go fishing

Once you have gathered the necessary gear, it is time to figure out the best fishing spots and put your equipment to good use.

Find Aura Kingdom best fishing spots

If you want to know where the best fishing spots are just open the map and look for the fishing icon. When you travel to that fishing location on the map and cannot seem to find the fishing spot on the map just look on the minimap to again find the fishing icons. If you would like what fish is fished where you can go here for a full list of Aura Kingdom fish and where to get them.

Mastering fishing methods

After finding a good fishing spot you need to go and start fishing. Go to the spot and click on the fishing icon in the water to cast out your line and a circular window should appear on you’re the screen with an image of a fishing line. When fishing there are 3 methods of doing it

  • Passive: Passive is the default fishing mode. When you cast out your line, your character goes directly into passive mode where it will automatically pull in fish until your inventory is full or you are out of bait
  • Active: Here you have control of the rod. To make this work, once a fish takes the bait, click the fish icon in the circular window to start reeling. This mode is time-consuming and has high chances of bandits appearing.
  • Semi active: Here, you possess control of your rod whenever you want to i.e. when your indicator shows that a weak fish has caught your bait, you can leave it to passive and when the indicator shows you that you caught a powerful fish, you can take control of the rod to successfully catch it. This like active mode is time-consuming and bandits are still likely to spawn

Fishing tips and techniques

Party fishing

You can join a fishing party. When fishing in a party you double the tokens gained. It is recommended that you only have one other player in a party so that you can avoid killing each other’s spawn. Spawn gives you tokens to buy lucky bags.

Farming gear

At the beginning, you only have basic fishing gear which you can use to start catching fish and you will need to upgrade fast for you to get the good stuff. The easiest way to upgrade is to fish using the Passive method.


Killing bandits assist you get big rewards. When active fishing, bandits appear occasionally when you catch larger fish. There are 3 bandits

  • Penguin: It is a purple bandit which appears when you catch a big green fish. When the penguin bandit is killed it drops a token which you can trade for a lucky bag in Navea
  • Nymphet: it a pink bandit which appears when you catch an orange fish. When Nymphets are killed they also drop a token which you can trade
  • Nebuchadnezzar: Nebuchadnezzar is a blue bandit that appears when you catch the legendary king fish and also dropped a token when killed

Increase your fishing stats

When learning how fishing works in Aura Kingdom you first need to understand the fishing stats in Aura Kingdom. You can go fishing without knowing what those numbers mean but it is important to know them

Every single stat corresponds to how it will be safe, fast and how long you can catch a certain fish. For example, a kingfish has high stats so it will absolutely fight you from fishing them, therefore, make sure you have higher fishing stats than those do.

  • Durability – When you hit the red/yellow zone, your equipment’s durability (the red bar) will surely decrease depending on which fish you are manually fishing.
  • Rod – The ROD determines how long you can catch a fish. Fishes with high STR (strength) will take time to reduce its stamina to 0 (the green bar). Fishing gears with high ROD will shorten the time
  • Line – Line show how big or small your blue zone (safety zone) is. Fishing gears with high LINE make your blue zone wider and if your LINE is low you will need to be very careful
  • Reel – Your reel will always clash with the speed (SPD) of the fish. A fish with high SPD will make your bobber move to the right leaving the blue zone often, therefore, you need high Reel stats that the SPD of the fish to slow it down.

Hunt for kingfish

King Fish is a legendary fish in Aura Kingdom and their baits are acquired by completing daily fishing quests or purchased from the Fishing NPC using your aura kingdom fish tokens. A yellow fish icon appears on your map, indicating the King Fish’s location, When the king fish event is active.

Important tips

  • Lucky bags provide you with a chance of getting different tier level sets.
  • When in a fishing party, do not kill other players’ bandits without asking them.
  • Bandits appear randomly when you succeed in catching any big fish and will start to attack you.
  • Every successful catch of a king fish has a 50% chance of a Penguin bandit appearing. Killing it will drop a dagger that you trade to Myrna in Navea. You will be awarded with some of the items needed to fuse tier 5 gears.

With this guide you may notice that the fishing process is rather long and could be hectic but once you start playing Aura Kingdom and follow the instruction you may notice that it quite easy and fast to pursue the objective.