No Man’s Sky Antimatter: What Is it, Where to Get it & the Recipe

The hunt for Antimatter in No Man’s Sky becomes necessary after you have the plans for your first Hyperdrive and have fixed the spaceship, right before you leave the first planet. Besides being an essential sci-fi staple, Antimatter in No Man’s Sky creates Warp Cells which are a must have when fueling the Hyperdrive. To reach the Warp Cell, you need to follow a warp cell formula that begins as a crafting chain and passes through several components until you make it to man's sky mining

How to get Antimatter on No Man’s Sky?

The three known ways of acquiring Antimatter No Man’s Sky is to either

  • Get it from a kind alien
  • Purchase it from the Galactic Trade terminal
  • Use the Antimatter Recipe to fabricate your own antimatter

No Man’s Sky Antimatter blueprints are quite hard to come by. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are enjoying all the DLC updates and are willing to go an extra step to get your antimatter.

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Get it from a Kind Alien

Inside the Alien Outpost of the first planet is a kind alien who freely gives a single-portion of Antimatter. Either ‘Shelter’ or ‘Transmission’ have the capacity of showing you the Outpost. To perform this trick, hit the Signal Scanner and search for the Shelter or Transmission options.

Shelter automatically generates an Outpost, besides the colonial outposts, which carries the Antimatter offering alien. Alternatively, Transmission leads to a Beacon that leads to the Outpost. Roaming on the surface might similarly perform this essential trick.

Buy Antimatter from the Galactic Trade Terminal

As they say, if it is not paid for, it probably is not worth it. Spending your cash is the simplest means to get the Antimatter. The charges for purchasing Antimatter are not throw-away, but neither are they hiked beyond afford. One gathers enough by doing mining and selling within the game.

From where can you buy Antimatter on No Man’s Sky? Easy, the Galactic Trade Terminal. The question then becomes, where do I find the Galactic Trade terminal? Well, use the Shelter and Transmission tricks elaborated in point 1) above to locate an Outpost.

How to make Antimatter on no man’s sky

After entering the new system, you need to blast through the market’s building doors found on a nearby planet. The planet usually is a Manufacturing facility once you follow the Atlas path. After blasting through the doors, you must fight off any Sentinels following you, lest you die. Thereafter, you are given a puzzle necessary to proceed with the man's sky antimatter recipe

The Antimatter recipe is a reward for opening the puzzle and consists of 1x Electron Vapor, 50x Heridium, and 20x Zinc. Zinc will be easily found on planetary surfaces and has a characteristic yellow flower appearing as yellow Oxide when scanned.

Heridium is super rare and takes the form of blue protrusions on your first planet to allow for travel and upgrades, and later appears spontaneously. Electron Vapor is possibly the rarest of the no man’s sky Antimatter ingredients. Unless luck finds you and you find it in a crate or random chest, it is also bought at the Galactic Trade terminals or created using a recipe which is only found by chance.