All Stranger Things Game Eggos Locations

Stranger Things the game is a mobile game for Android and iOS devices that is littered with tons of collectible items hidden throughout the whole game for players to collect. One of the hidden items are Stranger Things game Eggos which are collectible items which help unlock useful characters in the game as you wait for the next episodes of the hit series, Stranger Things, to hit Netflix.

Finding all the Eggos in Stranger Things game helps you to unlock Eleven as a playable character in the game. To unlock Eleven as a playable character you have to know where all Stranger Things game Eggos are hidden, find them and place them inside the Hopper’s lockbox.

There are a total of 8 hidden Stranger Things The Game Eggos. The Eggos are well hidden in different levels of the game and to reach 100% of the game, you will need to collect all of them.

So where are all the egos and VHS tapes in Stranger Things game? If you are a Stranger Things the game fan and having trouble finding all the egos in the game, on this article we will give you a Stranger Things Eggos walkthrough with all the locations to assist you through the game.

How and where to find all Stranger Things game Eggos.

There is a list of eight Eggos locations below which you shall find based on the numbers they are in your inventory. The first 6 Eggos are found by defeating the bosses.

Eggo #1

Eggo #1 is found in Hawkins National Laboratory in Chapter 1. To obtain it you must defeat the Hawkins Lab boss and collect the Eggo once the boss drops it.

Eggo #2

Eggo #2 is found inside the Forest Maze in Chapter 2. To obtain it you must the Forest Maze boss and then pick up the Eggo once he drops it. Here the boss fight will be tough therefore you need to change strategy and also swapping characters during the match

Eggo #3

Eggo #3 is located at the end of Middle School dungeon in Chapter 3 where you will find a boss called Conspicuous Van. To obtain it defeat the Conspicuous Van and pick up the Eggo when it drops

stranger things the game vhs

Eggo #4

Eggo #4 is found in vacuum sealed in the Sewers in Chapter 4. To obtain Stranger Things game Eggo, you must defeat boss of the Sewers and pick it up when it drops.

Eggo #5

Eggo #5 is found in the Hawkins Public Library in Chapter 5. The boss of the Public Library will drop the Eggo after you have defeated him.

Eggo #6

Eggo #6 is found deep in the Hawkins Lab Bunker in Chapter 6. To obtain it defeat the Tentacle Hydra boss and collect the Eggo when it drops.

Eggo #7

Eggo #7 is found in the refrigerator of Wheeler’s House.  To obtain it go southwest to the Wheeler’s house and open the refrigerator on the first floor to reveal and collect the Stranger Things game Eggo

Eggo #8

Eggo #8 is found behind a breakable wall hidden inside Bradley’s Big Buy. After getting Nancy go to Bradley’s Big Buy Store near the center of the map then walk past the clerk and move northeast to the corner of the store. Nancy should break a wall that has a crack in it and go through the wall into a freezer room to find and collect the last Stranger Things game Eggo.

Stranger Things game where to put Eggos

After all the Stranger Things game Eggos have been collected you need to head to the northern forest and find the door at the top of the map and head through the door to interact with the Hopper’s lockbox and unlock Eleven as a playable character.

Where to find all Stranger Things Game VHS tapes.

There are 8 locations where players can find VHS tapes in Stranger Things. These are:

  1. VHS Tape 1 is located in Hawkins Lab east of the boss room.
  2. VHS Tape 2 is located and found in the northwest part of the Forest Maze.
  3. VHS Tape 3 is found on East in Hawkins Middle School.
  4. VHS Tape 4 is located east of the map in the Sewers.
  5. VHS Tape 5 is found in the Public Library when the player has already defeated the dungeon.
  6. VHS Tape 6 is located inside the first room of the Bunker.
  7. VHS Tape 7 is found in Hopper’s trailer.
  8. VHS Tape 8 is located in The Palace arcade.

That’s all you need to find all the eight of the Eggos and VHS tapes hidden in Stranger Things game. Let us know if you have any other Stranger Things questions in the comments section below. We’ll be more than glad to help you out.

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