All Fallout 4 Automatron Keys

Fallout 4 Automatron is full of facility and building keys just like the main Fallout 4 game is. The thing is you can play through the Fallout 4 DLC to the very end without discovering all Fallout 4 Automatron keys. I am going to list all the keys in this game their location and give a brief explanation on how to get each of the keys.

Fallout 4 Automatron DLC has its own share of fun and will still give you a great time even though it might not have as many modes as the Nuka World DLC. Be sure to gather some skills before setting out to discover the Automatron keys. You will find the spawning items on Xbox One trick quite useful.

Forfeiture Terminal Password


This Fallout 4 Automatron key gives you access to the property storage lockup terminal over at The Mechanist’s lair. There is no related quest to this key and you can find it in the Mechanist’s lair stored behind the watch station terminal desk in the research wing.

Medical Terminal Password


The medical terminal password will give you access to the robobrain production terminal in the Mechanist’s lair. The key is on the robobrain in the Mechanist’s lair.

RB-2851 Master Control Password


This will shut down all the security on the Mechanist’s lair master control terminal. You can peacefully convince the Mechanist to give it to you or take it from her body. You will have to complete the ‘Restoring Order’ quest to activate it.

RobCo Sales & Service Center Key


This Fallout 4 Automatron key will open a door and a safe in the Mechanist’s lair and is found in the lair.