All Dying Light Outfits and How to Get Them

Outfits are a great way to customize your in-game appearance in the blockbuster game- Dying Light. Let us put it this way, changing your Dying Light Outfit is like changing your own clothes- so refreshing! To get the outfits, you may use the lazy approach- buying as downloadable content (DLC), or the more sophisticated but rewarding approach- conquering.

Brand new Outfits can be acquired in any of the following ways:

  • Boosting your survivor level
  • Increasing your trust level in The Following
  • Discovering collectible outfits found in The Following
  • Conquering the game on every level
  • Conquering the irksome Parkour Fever contests in both day and night
  • Purchasing dying light DLC outfits

Dying Light features the following outfitsdying light outfits

Dying Light all Outfits


Outfit Availability
Athlete Available after you complete the First Assignment.
Bully Complete the game on a Normal difficulty level
Brainsss Complete the game on a Nightmare difficulty level
Colassalkiwi Found at the start of the game
Dirty Clothes Found at the start of the game
Headhunter Achieve a Survivor Rank 15
Fresh Clothes Found at the Awakening
D.O.A Complete the game on a Nightmare difficulty level
Jaggernaut Achieve a level 18 Survivor Rank
Scout Achieve a level 10 Survivor Rank
Survivor Achieve a level 12 Survivor Rank
Trick or Treat Complete the game on a Hard difficulty level
Zombie Wannabe Complete the game on a Hard difficulty level


Dying Light DLC Outfits are purchased as


Downloadable Content (DLC) Availability
Troublemaker The game’s pre-order bonus
Urban Explorer The game’s pre-order bonus at Walmart
Special Agent The game’s pre-order bonus at Best Buy
Sheriff Vintage Gunslinger downloadable content
Master Scavenger Acquired as a bonus if pre-ordered by Playstation
Harran Station Harran Ranger downloadable content
Crash Test Crash Test downloadable content
Gun Psycho Gun Psycho downloadable content
Razer Outfit Besides Razer, Steam will also give you this amazing outfit once you sign up with them and activate any of their items in the games menu
Ninja A pre-order bonus at Best Buy
Techland Dying Light Digital Deluxe Edition
Volatile Hunter downloadable content
White Death downloadable content


Collectible Outfits found at The Following based on unlocking an achievement

Outfit Availability
Stargazer Available in the crashed alien spaceship southeast but you need to find all the Strange Rocks and unlock the Alien Easter eggs.
Team Dying Light Available in the Player Stash after activating the secret Nuke
Snake Available at the Safe House’s bridge under the boxcar train
Puzzle Available at Thor’s bridge
Tree Hugger Destroy the Volatile Nest tunnel
Yakuza Located in Bailal’s Station
Nothing Happened Located within the starting out cave in the beginning underneath a corpse
H.S.T.D Reach the Temple of the Sun to achieve this amazing outfit
Joker Take part in any public event
Grey & Red Found at the southwest tunnel inside travel bags
Double E Bailal’s Gas Station
Mandala Skull Found in a tombstone in the cemetery


The mind boggling list is quite long. Dying Light makers have put in a lot of man hours in making sure we enjoy our game looking as subtle as possible.

My Top 3 Dying Light Outfits

3) Runner

I would have preferred it if Dying Light Outfits were a bit color divergent. Unfortunately, most Outfits are either grey or black. Runner has my vote for its style, especially at the arms, and color mash-up.

runner outfit

2) Juggernaut

Juggernaut is unlocked when you get a Survivor Rank of 18 or as DLC. Gamers will love it for the greater number of features from the shoulders to the legs.

juggernaut outfit

1) Zombie Wannabe

zombie outfitWe all have our zombie fantasies. The Zombie Wannabe makes the avatar look like a bloodthirsty flesh eater which hits the pleasure spot for me. Getting this Dying Light Outfit is a brain cracking endeavor since you need to finish the game on with a hard difficulty level, a thing not many gamers brace themselves for. You can also purchase as Dying Light DLC Outfit.