All Bioshock Elevator Codes

Bioshock as a franchise is undoubtedly a hit with players the world over. The games quickly amassed a cult following, with players quickly getting hooked on the masterful game-worlds; from the claustrophobic, watery world of Rapture in Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2, to the wide-open and airy environment of Columbia in Bioshock Infinite. However, one game component, introduced in Bioshock 1 was brought over to the rest of the games, the infamous Bioshock Access Codes. If these codes have you stumped, worry not, for. In this guide, we will detail all the Bioshock codes present in all the three games.

Throughout Rapture in Bioshock 1, the game world was littered with locked doors and a safe which required 4-digit codes to gain entrance. Bioshock usually placed the hints to the codes nearby, or just shortly after the lock-in written notes, audio diaries, or scribbled messages. However, if the hammer, rather than the scalpel is more your style, then you’ll be glad to realize that many of the locks can be hacked or bought out, but these methods are rarely required. Simply read on to get all Bioshock codes for whatever lock, or occasional safe or elevator that you’re stuck on.

Bioshock 1 Door Access Codes

Game Area Access Code Location
Medical Pavilion, Twilight Fields Funeral Home 0451 In the Twilight Fields, next to a coffin.
Neptune’s Bounty, Lower Wharf 5380 In the Audio Diary: Picked Up Timmy H.
Neptune’s Bounty, The Fighting McDonagh’s Tavern 7533 In the Audio Diary: Masha Come Home
Arcadia, Langford Research Labs 9457 In a death scribbling on the window by Julie Langford.
Farmer’s Market, The Main Market 0512 In the Audio Diary: Market Maintenance Code
For Frolic, Robertson’s Tobaccoria 7774 In the Le Marquis D’Epoque, in a note on the floor.
Hephaestus Workshops 0126 In the Audio Diary: Kyburz Door Code and in various calendars and posters with Australia Day marked.
Olympus Heights, Mercury Suites 5744 In the Audio Diary: Fontaine’s Breakup
Point Prometheus, Failsafe Armored Escorts 1921 In the Audio Diary: Extra Munitions


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In the Challenge Rooms are outside the game’s main narrative, the player is tested with various puzzles and combat situations. Here, you also need the Door access code below:

Game Area Access Code Location
Rapture’s Grand Carnival, Stalls 1951 In the advertisement for Zimmerman Chardonnay

Bioshock 2 Access Codes

Game Area Access Code Location
Adonis Luxury Resort, Plasmid Therapy Room 1540 On the door of the sauna room
Pauper’s Drop, Fontaine Clinics 0047 On a newspaper in the Fishbowl Diner
Siren Alley, Plaza Hedone 1919 In the Audio Diary: The Date is the Code
Dionysus Park, Basement Storage 1080 In the Audio Diary: A Gift from Billy
Fontaine Futuristics, Plasmid Theater 5254 On a wall by a tied corpse in the Plasmid Showroom
Inner Persephone, Holding Wing 2673 In the Audio Diary: First Two Digits, Last Two Digits. In a wall scrawling near a toilet tank in the Holding Wing.
Inner Persephone, Therapy Wing 4146 In the Audio Diary: Legs, Mouths, Arms, and Eyes. On the Recreational Therapy room wall

best bioshock elevator codes

In the downloadable content for Bioshock 2; Minerva’s Den, you will need the Door Access Code detailed below:

Game Area Access Code Location
Operations, Programming 2341 In the Audio Diary: The Books are the Code. On a bookshelf in Reed Wahl’s office.

Bioshock Infinite Door Access Codes

Bioshock Infinite did not have any locked doors, safes or elevators in the main story narrative, but with the DLC expansion; Burial at Sea. You will need the Door Access codes listed below:

Game Area Access Codes Location
High Street, The Watched Clock Plaza 2076 In the Audio Diary: The Goddamn People
Fontaine’s Department Store, Ladieswear Section 0928 In the Audio Diary: Message in a Bottle
Housewares, Fontaine’s Bistro 3958 In the Audio Diary: Oven of the Future
Housewares, Silver Fin Restaurant 1216 On the Radio Message by Yi Suchong
Housewares, Service Bay 7951 In the Audio Diary: Hooligans
Factory, Fink MFG Research Laboratories 8371 In the Voxophone: Necessary Precautions.
Factory, Surgical Suite 2847 In the Voxophone: Childish Fears

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide on all the Bioshock Access Codes has been helpful in allowing you to unlock the mysteries of Rapture and Columbia. You can check out lots of other guides, walkthroughs and game hint for a wide variety of popular titles right here on the site.