All Bioshock 2 Door Codes

What’s up to all the Bioshock 2 fans, we’re back with some cheat codes here. If you’ve been playing this game you probably know that throughout the Rapture, there are some doors that you’re bound to come across, well, this is what we’re going to be addressing.

For you to open this doors without using cheat tables or codes, you’ll need some codes that will make your life easier. All these doors and one safe need to be opened using the four-digit code before you can gain access and proceed with the game.

AT this point we need to mention that this codes are usually located nearby or right after the lock. You can access this using scribbled messages, diaries, and written notes.

Remember that most of the locks in Bioshock are vulnerable to hacks or simply by being bought out. However, you don’t necessarily have to do this. But when it comes to Bioshock 2, hacking is not an option here.

Adonis Luxury Resort

The Adonis Luxury Resort cheat code is strategically placed on the sauna door. Just use the code 1540 and you’ll earn yourself some rewards that include: Drill Fuel, Money, and the audio diary ‘’Fitness”.

Pauper’s Drop

The other cheat code which comes in handy is the Pauper’s Drop, this one is located in the Fishbowl diner right on a newspaper. Just use the code 0047 so that the door can be opened for you to progress to the next level.

Siren Alley

The other cheat code that you’ll need so much is the Siren Alley, this one can be easily accessed from Audio Dialogue “The Date is the Code”. Just go for it, you’ll just need to use code 1919. Just like the Pauper’s Drop, you’ll have to get the door opened for you to progress to the next level.

Dionysus Park

Just like the previous cheat code, this one is also located on the Audio dialogue “A Gift from Billy”. Just type the code 1080. After the door is opened you can now proceed and access the Power to the People Station.

bioshock infite door codes

Fontaine Futuristics

The Fontaine Futuristics code is strategically placed on the wall that’s close to the corpse that’s tied in the Plasmid showroom. Just use code 5254. After the door is open, you’ll get to access some money, a Careful Hacker 2, ammo, and bandages.

Inner Persephone

For this code, you can access it from the audio logs that are situated near a toilet tank located in the Holding Wing. The very first two digits, the last two digits and on the wall. Just use the code 2673. Just like the preceding codes, you must open the door for you to proceed to the next level.

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Inner Persephone 2

This code is situated on the audio logs. These logs include: “Mouths”, “Eyes”, “Legs”, “Arms” and also on the recreational therapy room wall. Just use the code 4146. You’ll get some rewards for doing this successfully. Some of these rewards include money, rare ammunition, EVE Hypo, the First Aid Kit.

Minerva’s Den – Operations

For this code, you’ll also find it in the audio logs. Just type 2341. The audio log that we’re talking about is identified as “The Books are the Code”, which is situated on the bookshelf in Reed Wahl’s office. The rewards for opening the door include Shells, money, Mini-Turrets, and access to the Master Input Console which you use while hacking the beacon. All these rewards are located inside a safe.