Age of Wushu 2; Snail Games Pushes Release to 2018

Age of Wushu 2 has been in the making for long enough now. The long wait seems to be almost over – at least for Chinese gamers after the developer insisted that the game is almost out and started taking pre-registrations at the official site.

Snail, the name behind Age of Wushu 2 started developing the game back in 2014 and didn’t expect to encounter so many difficulties in the production of the title. They were forced to postpone the 2017 Q1/Q2 launch and push forward into 2018 without having given a date.

According to Xu Zhenhua, the Age of Wushu 2 producer, both Age of Wushu and Age of Wushu 2 should be available to the public somewhere in 2018.

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Snail Games Overworked Itself

The apparent delay is due to the fact that Snail took on more work that it could possibly handle. The development house chose to work on Dark and Light, Age of Wushu Remake and the Age of Wushu 2 all at the same time hence spreading its resources thin.

It is not uncommon for game development houses to encounter problems in the development cycle and postpones game release dates. While most tend to do so with at least a couple of gameplay trailers in place, all Snail Games have to offer one trailer and some screenshots.

Hopefully, the fact that the game is open for pre-registration means that they are actually closer to launch that we imagine. That would be great news.