Age of Wonders 3 Cheats: Debug Console & Cheat Tables

With Age of Wonders 3 enjoying ports to Linux and OS X, it is definitely a high fantasy exploratory piece that can feel out those long weekend afternoons or lazy summer holidays as long as you have a friend or 3 to help you explore.age of wonders 3 cheats

Your mission of interacting with other races or kingdoms through war or diplomacy and managing a continuously expanding empire will be easier if you had a couple of cheats up your sleeve.

Yes. We don’t have an issue with Age of Wonders 3 cheats as long as you use them offline in single player or on the local multiplayer with all your co-op players aware of what’s going on.

Since Age of Wonders III provides inbuilt console cheats, I am going to overlook the prospects of using Cheat Engine and Cheat Tables to hack and cheat in this game. If you are still interested, you can check out our guide on how to cheat in any game using Cheat Engine to get started.

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Age of Wonders II Debug Mode Cheats for PC

Running the game in debug mode lets you deploy some of the cheats the developers used when testing the game. Most of the console command cheats for PC will make your game easier but they might break the game or cause unexpected side effects. Always remember to save your game before attempting this.

How to Launch Age of Wonders 3 in Debug Mode

  • With the game launcher on, go to the miscellaneous tab and check the ‘run in debug mode’ option before launching the game.
  • After this, you can launch the game and it will be ready to use debug mode consoles
  • To enter consoles while in the game, press and hold CTRL+ALT and then press C.
  • Type the code you want to use and press Enter to activate it

Here are the different debug console commands you can use in Age of Wonders 3 PC version

NEXTTURN advances a turn
TASMAN explores map, does not turn off Fog of War
CRUIJFF free movement
HUYGENS free spells
GLOOMYCITY give selected city -1000 happiness
BOSCH gives 100.000 gold
THXBRIAN gives 100.000 gold & mana, reveals map, gives all upgrades & spells
REMBRANDT gives 100.000 mana
GERARDS instant loss
PHILIPS instant production of current queue in every city
HEIN instant win
ERASMUS instantly research all upgrades/spells
LEEUWENHOEK instantly research current upgrade/spell
HAUER level up hero(es) in selected army
BARENTZ reveal map including Fog of War
RUYTER spawn hero
SPINOZA unlock all upgrades/spells

The procedure to activate the debug mode in Linux and Mac is the same. The same cheat codes will also work on these platforms.age of wonders 3 cheat engine

Age of Wonders 3 Cheat Engine CT by Recifense

If you feel that the debug console cheats don’t just cut it, you can dig into the impressive world of Cheat Tables and Cheat Engine scripts.

You can download and load this Cheat Table, activate scripts and start using its features. To enable scripts, you have to change the value next to scripts to 1.

The table works with Age of Wonders III version 1.00-10997. While it might work well with some latest patches, you’ll enjoy a stable and predictable game if you downgrade to patch 1.00-10997

If it is your first time running cheat tables, go through our introductory guide to Cheat Engine and CT to find the way.

You can download the CT here

Here are some of the features to expect from this CT

  • Minimum Resources (Money (6300) Mana  (630))
  • Movement Points (Strategic Map, Action Points in Battle)
  • God Mode
  • Research in 1 Turn
  • City Minimum Pop
  • Prod/Const in 1 Turn
  • Unlimited Casting points
  • Unlimited Casting per turn
  • Quick Level Up

Cheat Table Hotkeys

  • CTRL+Home = Enable  MR/MP/GM/R1T/PC1T cheats;
  • CTRL+End = Disable MR/MP/GM/R1T/PC1T cheats;
  • CTRL+PageUp = Enable  MPB/UC/UCP cheat;
  • CTRL+PageDown = Disable MPB/UC/UCP cheat;
  • CTRL+Insert = Enable MPop cheat;
  • CTRL+Delete = Disable MPop cheat;
  • CTRL+numeric 1 = Enable QLU cheat;
  • CTRL+numeric 0 = Disable QLU cheat;